Generating Signed APK

1. On Android Studio, change build variant to "release" (left menu called Build Variants)

2. Make sure a new version code is used, in order to change the version code, open the file build.gradle and modify the version under defaultConfig:

3. On menu Build, choose the option Generate Signed APK
4. Select the Key Store Path or create a new one
4.1- Create new Key filling out the form

5. Finish the generation of signed APK by following further screens

Store File is attached: land.jks

Key Alias: land

Key Password: l@nd@pp

key store password: l@nd@pp






Google Maps


Facebook App ID




*Environment in app must be changed to Environment.Production in

Note that at the time of publishing this solution the image strings were not environment dependent and need to be changed manually as per this PR:

Google Play

6. Login or Signup a new Google Play account:
7. Pay the association fee (US$25,00)
8. On the Google Developer Console, add new application and upload the APK
9. Upload the signed APK (it will check if the package name is unique (e.g. com.adventurewalking))
10. In the section Store Listing on Console, and add some product info:
10.1. Title
10.2. Short and Long Description
10.3. Screen shots, icon, etc
10.4. Set Categorisation and Contact Details
11. Set Pricing and Distribution
11.1- If it is not free, you must create a Google Payment Merchant Account (company's details and bank account)
12. Click Publish app :)